How it Works …

Candidate & CV Sourcing:

Step 1) Based on the job brief given by you (the employer), I will actively source candidates with the right fit.

Step 2) After identifying potential candidates, I will conduct interviews with them to obtain information about their:

  • professional experience
  • personal career aspirations
  • compensation details and expectations
  • notice period
  • feasibility of relocation (if applicable)

I will then assess the compatibility of the candidates before sending you their CV and information.

Step 3) Upon receiving a candidate’s CV and information, you can conduct X number of rounds of interview with the candidate at no costs before deciding if you would like to connect directly with this candidate to complete your recruitment or job offer process.

Seek & Find works on a pay-for-performance model. You only pay for my candidate sourcing services if you are satisfied with my delivery.

Other Services

I also provide other services like salary and reference checks at ad-hoc rates.

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