How it Works …

Candidate Sourcing:

Step 1) Based on the job brief given by you (the employer), I will actively source candidates with the right fit.

Step 2) After identifying potential candidates, I will conduct interviews with them to obtain information about their:

  • professional experience
  • personal career aspirations
  • compensation expectations
  • notice period
  • feasibility of relocation (if applicable)

I will then assess the compatibility of the candidates before sending you their CV and information.

Step 3) Upon receiving a candidate’s CV and information, you can conduct interviews with the candidate at no costs before deciding if you would like to hire the candidate.

Seek & Find works on a pay-for-performance model. You only pay for my candidate sourcing services if the candidate has successfully accepted your job offer.

Other Services

I also provide other services like salary and reference checks at ad-hoc rates.

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