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Seek & Find provides quality and cost-effective Candidate Sourcing services to employers.

It is a new and feasible way of recruitment services to help you identify your talent prospects at affordable rates.

Seek: attempt to find; not yet found | Find: discover after a deliberate search or to perceive by chance

Principal Search Consultant – Arielle Yang

I never thought I’d become a headhunter.

But a door into the sector opened up for me in 2015 and since then, I haven’t looked back. Before starting Seek & Find in 2019, I was with a search firm and have handled recruitment assignments for a wide range of mid-to-senior level jobs, including C-suite positions, across Singapore and the region.

Trained as a generalist, I executed searches for a range of job positions. Companies I’ve worked with include industry leaders in the chemicals, retail, FMCG and banking & financial services sectors.

I believe the key to a successful search is a good understanding of both the employer and the candidate. Only then can I put on the matchmaker’s hat to see if a happy union is possible. My core work values are honesty, integrity and respect.

I am best described as an ENFJ – Protagonist (Myer-Briggs) with my top strength traits to be Achiever, Responsibility, Learner, Intellection, Connectedness (StrengthsFinder).

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